Touchless Automatic Car Wash Menu & Pricing

Will my vehicle fit in the touchless car wash bay?

Our touchless automatic car wash can wash vehicles up to 19′ long (including hitches and accessories). Most regular cab trucks and short bed extended cab trucks will fit (if less than height & length and no wider than guide rails on the wash bay floor). Our height limit is 6’6″ including height of roof-mounted accessories. If your vehicle won’t fit in our automatic wash bay, try one of our highly rated self-serve bays!

Our Town Auto Wash Automatic car wash menu
Touchless automatic car wash menu

The machine applies presoak, polish (depending on wash selection), high pressure and spot free rinse cycles.

Because our machine does not have a dryer, you may wish to bring a drying chamois or purchase a drying towel from our vending area. Pricing is $6 – $8.

Touchless automatic car washing is a maintenance wash and is useful to remove regular weekly deposits. Touchless washing is not guaranteed to remove all types of road grime from vehicles that are not washed often, or when road grime contains certain types of deposits that are tough to remove without friction agents. To ensure your satisfaction with wash quality, we recommend wiping the vehicle down after the wash cycle with a clean synthetic chamois for best results.

Every vehicle, no matter how new, will be difficult to get clean without proper maintenance of the paint. Applying  a good carnauba wax at least once a year is recommended for best results, no matter what kind of car wash you select. 

Payment instructions

The payment kiosk accepts cash, quarters, credit/debit cards, our Wash Card, and mobile wallets with tap-to-pay.
Instructions on the kiosk show proper position of the credit card stripe. The voice prompt and scrolling display also provides instructions. You can select the car wash type before or after you swipe your card or use tap-to-pay.

Important! Make sure you see confirmation of your wash purchase before entering the wash bay. The scrolling screen will show “verifying card” and confirm with a “thank you” message. The green light in the wash bay blinks when ready and a red stop light will come on when your vehicle is properly positioned. Tip: enter the bay slowly. If you overshoot the floor switch, back up slightly until the red light comes on again. Click HERE to get your receipt. (Receipts available 2 hours after transaction. Note: A temporary pre-authorization may appear on your account. This transaction will be adjusted to the correct amount spent in 1-2 days. Call or message us if your transaction doesn’t adjust in that 1-2 day period.)

Vehicle Restrictions

Disclaimer sign

We are not responsible for damage to vehicles that exceed the posted clearance height, width, and length of the wash bay. We do not take responsibility for damages to loose parts or aftermarket accessories or damages caused by driver errors (hitting or rubbing the guide rails). *Make sure to read your owner’s manual or other documentation regarding your car’s finish. Because of their composition, some flat finishes, enamels, or special coatings may not be compatible with high ph products. We are not responsible for damages caused to finishes that aren’t compatible.