Our powerful self-serve car vacuum cleaners are well-maintained. Because they have great suction and many features, our vacuums are a great value at .33 cents per minute! You get 6 minutes of vacuum time for each $2 start. They are open 24/7 for your convenience.

Payment types accepted on our vacuums

All car vacuums accept quarters, dollar coins, Our Town Auto Wash tokens, and credit/debit cards. Other coins can jam so please be courteous and use only the accepted types.
Our standard vacuums feature a dual hose system. For your convenience, this system allows customers to select the crevice or carpet tool at any time during the cycle. However, a loss of suction will result if the selector isn’t fully snapped in place. Both hoses can’t be used at one time or loss of suction will result.

All of our car vacuums are dry use only due to the filter bags within. Because of this, our vacuums are not for use on wet areas. Never use to vacuum up water or other liquids. A possible risk of electric shock and damage to the equipment can result! Likewise, customers will be liable for damage or injury resulting from misuse.

Shampoo, Fragrance and Tire Inflator Combo Vacuums

Our Combo Car Vacuums feature a dri-foaming shampoo cycle, regular vacuum mode, Turbo vacuum mode, three fragrance mist modes, and one includes a tire inflator. The combo vacuums accept $1, $2, & $5 bills, dollar coins, Our Town Auto Wash tokens, quarters, Wash Cards, and debit/credit card payment. The start price is $2 for 6 minutes for both the standard vacuum mode and tire inflator mode.
Turbo vacuum mode is $2 for 5 minutes. Conversely, Shampoo and Spot Remover mode is $2 for 4 minutes. Likewise, the choice of fragrances (Dark Ice, Wild Cherry, Fresh Citrus and more) is $2 for 2 minutes. Additionally, you can switch to any feature you wish during the cycle while the timer is running.

Be sure to check our our Self-Serve Bays to wash your vinyl floor mats! Dry them with our Super Air Shammee dryer.