Car Wash Gift Cards. Our Town Auto Wash Gift Cards & Reloadable Loyalty Rewards Cards Available Now!

Our Town Auto Wash car wash gift cards are a reloadable gift card and rewards card in one. They make great gifts or a secure, reliable payment method for our regular customers. Plus, customers earn a 10% reward on the card each time they reload it on our secure store card page!

Our wash cards can be used to purchase an automatic car wash or self-serve wash bay time. Our new vacuums also accept our wash card!

How do I order gift cards?

Add the desired gift card amount to your cart and complete the secure checkout process. The card(s) will be mailed to you at the address you specify in the shipping information.
Because our gift cards and rewards cards are one in the same, the recipient of the card can create their own account and reload the card while earning 10% in rewards. Rewards are automatically added to the card! For example, reloading $10 on the card gives the cardholder $11 to spend at our car wash!

How do wash cards work?

Wash cards are purchased here through our secure website. The card is loaded with the selected amount and mailed to the customer with a payment receipt.
The cards work on our card readers by swiping the magnetic stripe. Because they are a store card, a temporary hold authorization is not placed on the card. As the transaction is processed, the card is debited the amount of purchase. Customers can also choose to set up automatic reloading in their account settings to avoid running out of funds. Manual account reload is the default method.

Our cards only work at our location on Broad Street in Fairborn.
Customers can log in to the secure website address on the back of card (or scan the convenient QR code with a smartphone or tablet) to check the available balance.
Customers must create a store card account in order to securely add more funds to their card. Funds must be added using a credit card. A reward of 10% is added to the customers’ account each time they reload their card! For example, if the customer reloads the card with $10, they will actually have $11 balance to spend at Our Town.

Can wash cards be used to wash multiple vehicles?

Our cards aren’t restricted to a specific vehicle, unlike a membership program. Customers can also get multiple cards, then assign them to family members under their main account. Each card has its’ own balance.

Business/City Fleet vehicles can also benefit from wash cards with rewards!

Wash cards can help you keep your fleet vehicles clean and shiny. Business accounts also earn rewards at a higher tier!
Click here to learn about and order wash cards for your business fleet.