Our Town Auto Wash

We're a self-service car wash open 24-7. Our wash equipment and vacuums accept debit and credit cards! We also have our Wash Card rewards card program- earn 10% bonus back on card!

Self-Serve Car Wash Bays

Our self-serve car wash bays accept credit/debit cards or quarters. Pricing is $3 to activate 4.5 minutes of wash time.
Credit & debit card acceptance featured in all bays with CryptoPay. Please carefully read credit card instructions, as our bays use a count-up feature. You must press the flashing button on the card reader to stop charges when finished. The timer starts at $.01 and counts up. The minimum charge is still $3 per swipe. Please don't press the button until finished washing!
No mechanical work, spray painting, hand waxing/drying/bucket washing, excessively muddy vehicles, trash or truck bed debris.

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Touchless Automatic Car Wash

Wash pricing is $6 – $8. Credit/Debit Cards, Tap-to-Pay and Mobile Wallets accepted. Our machine accommodates vehicles up to 19′ long (including hitches and accessories). Most regular cab trucks and short bed extended cab trucks fit. Height limit is 6’6″ (including roof-mounted accessories.)
Our machine does not have a dryer; you may wish to bring a drying chamois or purchase a drying towel from our vending area.

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Our powerful self-serve car vacuum accept credit & debit cards, dollar coins, quarters and bills (shampoo/combo vacs only). Because they have great suction and many features, our vacuums are a great value at .33 cents per minute! You get 6 minutes of standard vacuum time for each $2 start. They are open 24/7 for your convenience. Shampoo/Combination vacuums have additional features and time options.
Vacuums are for dry use only; shampoo/combo vacs use a special type of shampoo. Do not vacuum water or other liquids.
Note: our machines do not accept dimes, nickels, pennies or foreign coins!

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About Our Town Auto Wash

Our Town Auto Wash is a self-serve car wash in Fairborn Ohio near Wright Patterson Air Force Base. In order to serve our customers best, our facilities are open 24/7. In addition, our wash features a touchless (brushless) automatic with three self-serve wand bays.

Besides our well-maintainted self-service car wash bays, we offer several perks for our customers. Therefore, we provide strong vacuums, popular car care product vending brands, clean facilities, and great customer service. We have everything you need to clean up your ride.

We purchased the car wash in 2017 and renamed the site Our Town Auto Wash to show our commitment to our customers by striving to be the best diy carwash in Fairborn Ohio! Providing a clean, well-maintained facility is extremely important to us. Since then, we have been working to provide quality car wash products for the diy-oriented. Additionally, we have been working on remodeling and improvements.

Watch our social media feeds for news about our automatic wash and building remodeling project.
Message us here using our live chat website tool, on Facebook or Instagram. In addition, you can catch car wash how-to videos on our YouTube channel. We care!

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